Club Rules

  1. Members MUST carry their membership card at all times and produce same when requested to do so by other members.

  2. Fishing is permitted all year round outwith Cawder Winter Shoot times.

  3. Fishing shall be fly only using fly rod and fly reel and with a maximum of four flies. Trolling or flicker spoons are not permitted.

  4. All brown trout and rainbow/blue trout 3lbs and over must be returned unharmed. Fish for release should be carefully unhooked in the net and not removed from the water wherever possible.

  5. The maximum daily basket of fish that may be retained is shown on Membership Cards.

  6. Members should observe normal angling etiquette.

  7. No litter should be left at the lochside or in boats including dead fish, fish innards, drinks containers and nylon.

  8. Juniors under 16 may not use Club boats unless accompanied on the boat by an adult Club member. Juniors over 16 must undertake a boat handling assessment before being allowed unaccompanied use of boats.

  9. Boat users must not encroach within the casting area of bank anglers.

  10. Boats must clearly display the owner’s membership number and may only be propelled using oars or electric motors.

  11. Private boats may be launched after 1st March and must be removed by 31st of October unless otherwise instructed by the Committee.

  12. (Commencing October 2022) Between 6th October and 15th March only barbless or de-barbed hooks may be used.